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MOvember, why not?

Posted on | November 19, 2013 | No Comments

Am I missing something?

Grow a MO, talk about mens health and maybe raise a few Dirhams/Dollars, sounds easy.

Yet so few men, I know, are willing to grow the MO.


I have heard that it is not good for business.

Well I beg to differ!

Have you seen my instagram videos?

Instagram http://instagram.com/jamespiecowye

And check out twitter and these folks.

Inspector John. RT @johnmsv: Day#18 #MO mmm @apanjabi @jamesEd_me @The_Links_Group #Mustachepreneurs pic.twitter.com/FsfUwrUc7n

So, why are the boys not willing to grow a bit of facial hair?

Go and donate a fil or 2 this is how!






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