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A Teaching Moment: Interviewing

Posted on | October 24, 2013 | No Comments

So, I teach at Zayed University in the college of communication and media sciences.

I teach across the curriculum but find myself, more often than not, teaching intro courses, ethics and converged media courses.

This week I realized why note taking is so important for students but even more important for media students.

Here is the thing, my students need more work at interviewing but how are they expected to get that experience?

Maybe we need to break interviewing into parts and work on the parts individually?

Need an example?

An important part of any interview is taking notes, is that any different than taking class notes, no but how many students are not taking effective notes?

So I start by asking students to take notes of my classes thinking in terms of the story they will tell.

I also ask them to think of the questions they want to ask based on the notes.

Then comes the fun, how many students ever ask a question?

So now the object is to take notes and ask a followup question, a lot like being at a press conference.

I also found it useful to have my students watch and listen, in this case to a radio interview.

And when you start and stop the interview, talk about the components of the interview it actually seems to work.

What I wonder is why I never thought of this before.


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