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Why I Love Radio and Why I Make Radio Content?

Posted on | September 23, 2013 | No Comments

Radio allows you to share incredibly rich ideas with a very diverse and dispersed group of people.

Radio breaks free of social and economic confines.

Radio allows you access to places you may never go, virtually.

Radio is warm.

I do radio because I believe that it is a free and accessible way to expose people to ideas they may otherwise not have access to.

A simple case in point are the 2 speakers I replayed from the 2nd GCC Government Social Media Summit who spoke about social media, government and strategy.

I was at the conference with 200 or so other people and the rest of the UAE missed out.

With the help of an iPad, some editing and a little introduction great content was brought to the nation!


Do I know who is listening? No.

Does it matter? No.

Are people listening? Yes and if one person is inspired I have done my job.

Of course the marketing department of the radio station may have another take on listenership.

Another example of simply great radio is the show I do with Paul Kelly of triplew.me.

Paul and I introduce the Middle East’s independent recording artists to the Middle East!


How often do you get to give artists a voice, a platform, a means to express themselves?

And how often is that expression public and open to the world if they want to tune in?

Maybe I make it sound bigger than it is but at the end of the day the content is out there and people are listening one way or another.

Those are just 2 examples of why I continue to do radio, it is worth it.


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