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Safety vs Business

Posted on | June 18, 2013 | No Comments

So, I had a chat on Nightline about minibus safety.

As it turns out they are not really all that safe for people transport.

In fact the Dubai Police would be pretty happy if the minibus was banned from transporting people all together!

Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Dubai Police Chief, said minibuses were very dangerous and should not be used to transport people.

The stats may not tell the whole story.

Maj Gen Al Zafein said that 5.85 per cent of all road deaths last year involved minibuses.

He said that 87 accidents involving minibuses last year resulted in the death of seven people and caused injuries to 179 people, 15 of whom sustained serious injuries — the accident rate increased with the number of passengers travelling in minibuses.

The big question is whether we blame the vehicles or the drivers?

Here is what the Nightliners had to say.

  •  Hi james. At last! Toyota hiace too fast, nt built to transport people.. Agree 100% ian (skoda guy)
  • Many drivers are under pressure. They drive and have a full working day. As a result they make mistakes more often, take risk drive too fast.

I particularly like the minibus owner weighing in.

  •  I’m a owner of a transportation company in which I only uses mini buses transport more then 100000 a year and we haven’t had any problem. I don’t do schools that is why maybe! I can understand that u can fit more children then recommended and my guess this is what is alerting the authorities since some companies, schools might be doing to make more profit
  •  If they were dangerous, no body would manufacture in first place. What about Ferrari and mustang? They are as well dangerous! It is all about drivers… Reema
Then there is the whole question of what the minibus was designed for!
  • Hi james. They are utility vehicles, bob the builder, bread vans, plumbers etc etc. . . Ian (skoda guy)
  •  Hi james. There was a terrible accident some years ago. 6.30am near wafi, mini van racing to drop staff to a coffee shop. They were 3 mins away…. The staff didnt make it!  Ian (skoda guy)

And this is the end of any debate!

  • The problem is in enforcement of the law also. For example these minibuses still stop on sheikh Zayed Rd to pick up passengers! That’s just reckless they need to get ticketed by cops.
  • Drivers need to be trained on how to drive and there should be allocated seats for each passenger. The bus can only handle so much weight.
  • It is both. Th bus unfitd t transport many plp the framework is fragile there4 speed limit shld as th limit f public bus. Th drivers hav habit f taildrivin overtakin at high speed. I myslf startd drivin pers car coz i feard 4 lif whil taken in co bus. I even had problms w transp dept due t their drivin
  •  I’m not a transporter. I don’t have any stake in transportation company either. But a random question: if these vehicles are so risky, why are we importing them? Here we need to have a check on drivers, not the vehicles. These vehicles are being used around the globe. We need to check the effect on carbon foot-print and congestion on roads assuming minibuses are eliminated from the roads.
So, do we go for an all out ban on minibuses and people transport?


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