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Ditch the Mobile!

Posted on | May 22, 2013 | No Comments

So, do you think you would be more productive in the workplace if you didn’t have that old mobile available during working hours?

Funny, a good portion of the people we spoke to on Nightline actually thought the old personal mobile being used during work hours isn’t a bad thing at all.

Can you imagine a manager telling you to hand over your phone when you rocked up to the office?

Well, in Abu Dhabi according to the Gulf News this is absolutely happening.

We asked you for your thoughts and this is what came in over the sms line.

I think maybe for some banning the mobile is a good thing.
  • SMS Message Cell phone…no, social media … Yes. I couldn’t stop my self logging in every now and then & left my office with piles of work undone.
  • SMS Message Facebook etc banned yes, mobile phones no, what if there is a family emergency? There must be other ways to monitor phone use.
  • SMS phone Only use your phone during your breaks. But it can get out

Others are not so sure this is a topic worth entertaining.

  • SMS message Don’t be ridiculous…we’re not children. Use both freely but if it interferes evidently with your work then fine there is an issue.

Here is a solution.

  • SMS message You shud restrict mobile phones and divert the mobile calls to each ones land line or carry the mobile phones and  switch off and divert to  the land line. Rgds/Ahmed


  •  SMS Message Depends who wants to implement this. I use it, my subordinates do, my boss and boss’ boss and his boss all do so who wants it. Btw I’m in an mnc bank. Bashir
  • SMS message Banning mobiles at work would be contradictory to any 21st century company doing business in a connected world.
  • SMS message It depends on the job. I took a number and sat infront of bank teller when called. The staff member continued used his mobile phone to text infront of me. I stood up and left as he obviously wasn’t focused on the customer. Then he started to apologise!!!

I love this little bit of a call.

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Well here is the entire show, what do you think?


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