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Thin Complex?

Posted on | May 20, 2013 | No Comments

Is it possible that with all the talk of healthy living and healthy diet we have lost track of what healthy means?

Take a look a the images of ‘healthy’ people in magazines, on TV and even in the papers.

Does healthy mean uber thin, maybe?

It would seem, given the conversation on Nightline that the pendulum has swung a little far to each extreme.

One caller pointed out that everyone, even the toothpicks, in the office are on a diet of some sort, odd.

Another caller spoke about how obesity seems to be the mantra of tourists to the UAE, odd.

Maybe neither are odd, maybe people just have unrealistic expectations and when they give up they give up big!

Here are some of the SMS messages fromt he show.

  • SMS MESSAGE I think this refers more to some of western society, I dont see women here in dubai from some of the nationalities caring at all about being thin. What annoys me the most are seeing parents letting their kids be overweight, As an adult you could control your kids eating habits. Please parents why pass onyour overeating to your kids uuuuuurrrggg


  • SMS MESSAGE Its the 5th most obese country in the world. So by no stretch of imagination cud v be concerned about losing weith and being thin
  • SMS MESSAGE Hi James,models get paid to look thin unlike the rest of us. For the most part, these media hyped images are very unactrative on the regular Joe & Jane.Thanks,Tee.


  • SMS MESSAGE I ¬†think there is an obsession with looking good, ¬†especially in some expat circles. Part of looking good is looking fit and this goes along with looking lean or thin.

The reality and answer to the question, as always, is someplace in the middle.

Give the podcast a listen the callers were particularly interesting.


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