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Is It Safe to Cross the Street?

Posted on | May 17, 2013 | No Comments

There is no clear rule when it comes to pedestrian etiquette and street crossing, so it seems.

I had a conversation on Nightline where I asked the simple question, are pedestrians a road hazard or are motor vehicle operators the problem.

Interesting take on things actually.

Hereford was my 1st caller framing the issue very nicely.

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It was the second caller that really opened my eyes to the fact that how we think about pedestrians and deal with the rules of road crossing are rather different globally.
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So what do we do as pedestrians?

Here are some of the SMS comments to the program.

One thing that becomes very clear is we need to educate all drives about pedestrian zone safety.

  •  Good question but u mention schools – how can we also train parents NOT to stop in the middle of the road to let their children out! So selfish and annoying! Why do they do it when there r car parks right next to the school! So lazy and so selfish…
  •  Everyone breaks the rules here because they CAN!! Simple
  • Pedestrians do not need more rules, we need more underground paths and over paths specially around bus stops – lucie the jay walker

Then there is the question of enforcement.

  •  Re the crossing discussion, isn’t the issue here the attitude of the police? How can they side with the driver and not the victim!? Richard

So what should we do?

For starters we need:
1. A Highway Code to be developed by police forces in conjunction with Municipalities of all Emirates. No use having different laws in various emirates.2. At cross walks: Flashing lights, video cameras, the law displayed on person signs (for referral in disputes) &, by schools, speed pumps.
3. Stiff fines & loss of licence in worst cases.
4. A police awareness programme at the introduction of all the above.

  •  No judgement calls ore cultural norms when driving. There are rules if the road. Pedestrians have the right of easy the minute they steep onto a crossing. Glen

Maybe it is about us simply adapting?

  •  When I first came here from uk I stopped at every crossing but I found that to be dangerous here as a car may hit me from behind. So now I fit in with the habits here
  • I was cycling along the beach rd 2day…I crossed at a pedestrian crossing…lights were red and a lady in the fast lane just drove straight through thered light!!!! Fortunately she missed me!!!! Sue
  • We need to go back to urban designing. Simply design to hotter climate with more facilities or cross junctions. Reema.

So where does this leave us?

Listen the the podcast and add your 2 fils to the conversation!






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