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How well do you take advice?

Or are you one of those annoying people who feel that you have a life of success and failure to share and look for any opportunity to dispense your own brand of advice?

Then of course there is the recipient, how well do you take advice?

I have found myself on both sides of the advice fence, I have been known to give unsolicited advice and gotten more than I have ever asked for.

So what do we do?

Maybe grin and bear it?

Maybe get angry?

Look dazed and confused?

–We asked the Nightliners what their thoughts on advice were.Hi thanks again. I have heard an interesting stattement: the only advises could be accepted blindly from three persons:

1. Your doctor
2. Your lawyer
3. Your psycologist
— Received an ecard with below: Dear Mother-in-law, Please don’t tell me how to raise my kids. I live with one of yours and your one could use some work.

— I like people giving me advice as it helps to get to know the person a little better and is a good conversation engagement strategy. Most of the advice comes from own experience and sharing it helps forming  a better bond with the person.


–I never listen to my own advice as its given by a fool! Chris


— Hi there guys. Thanks for your program.
In Russia we say: Listen for your wife’s advise, but do opposite!
— Pos note : there are serial advise seekers who never act upon them. I knew people who can give good advice refusing to give advice because person who asks never acted
— Someone once told me to shave my head as they said it would be cool. I followed there advice and was very happy but when the weather got hotter i got a sunburn head.
–Dr.James re advise
Ever felt sick ? And all of a sudden everyone comes along with medical advise?
Being a Chef by profession people ask you to advise them of what they could eat… You do and the guy tells you that he has allergy to the items that you suggested …. This can be tricky .. But happens allthe time
Advise should not be given until asked for…sometimes advise is annoying … I tell people not to give advise
 –Andy – I dropped out of college recently to personal reasons, and friends and family have been on my neck constantly about how I’m a failure in life andhow I’ll end up living in a box. It gets really annoying!
And the final word on advice goes to my grandmother or was it my father, advice is worth what you pay for it!


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