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Posted on | April 23, 2013 | No Comments

We live in interesting times.

Yet, we seem to be very much wed, maybe even fatally locked into a way of thinking that is based on a dream or even myth!

I am talking about our expectations.

And specifically our healthcare expectations.

Do our hospitals and clinics need to look like a 5 star hotel?

We buy food from low frils markets, we fly no frils, we vacation low frils yet when it comes to medicine we cannot see past the building!

If you eliminate the overhead how much does medical treatment really need to cost?

Exactly! Not all that much.

Here is a great article that really does speak tot he no frils medical reality!

So if we go low/no frils medicine we may lose the a/c or the nice meal but the rest is regulated and stays the same!

The rest is the doctor and her trade!

So what do you say, no frils medical treatment?

  •  All for it. Medical practitioners and providers need to wake up and stop taking public for granted. High price poor service. Lets strip down to basics. Obaid
  •  Yes! Some if us may take any hope and chance. Reema

And there are some who are scared!

  •  Actually, due to low cost, these no frills hospitals will prolly do more operations which will give them more ‘practice’

Why would the service be poor?

  • Big reminder to the doctor’s oath “I solemnly pledge myself to consecrate my life to the service of humanity …” Heath Care is over rated – you don’t need 5 Star services all those fancy services to save your life. Rgds Praveen

And maybe the no frils is a better deal?

  •  My wife had severe headache for 10 days. I took her to 5 best hospitals in dubai but no cure. I took her to an old but cheap hosputal guess what she  was absulutely fine next day. I think cheaper hospitals are sometimes more experience due to larger number of visitors.


  • There are already institutions here in Dubai that may fall under the “no frills” umbrella. Govnmnt and private. Sam


  • low cost airlines are licensed and just as safe as full service airlines. Would you pay 25000 dirhams for a 2 day st
  •  No frills for the win. – zahan


  • Dubai hospitals charge 25000 dirhams to Deliver a baby! Why? Tim

There is a need!

  •  I have midecal insurance . Employee . Have to pay 20% co insurance. I CANT PAY the 20%… I have to postbond an operation tel next year.
  •  Latifa, better equipment, having a baby 7000
  • Good evening Dr. James, unlike low budget airlines there are good ones & low performing ones so the same thing also applies for no frills hospitals “Junaid”
  •  Must read Rajasthan in India distributes generic drugs worth Rs 300 cr in a year for

So no frils seems to be a way of thinking that some are very interested in, bring it on!


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