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Are we dieting obsessed?

Posted on | April 8, 2013 | No Comments

So, are we obsessed with dieting was the question asked on Nightline, and the answer is YES!

Look at the not so scientific research.

If you do a dieting book search on Amazon.com what do you get, 69,128 results!

If we do the same search on Barnes and Noble’s sight we get a staggering 116,905 results and that is an increase 35 books from 8 hours ago.

The fact is we all want to look good and we are looking, maybe in the wrong places, for the key to a healthy lifestyle.

I am not sure you can find the perfect diet at the bookstore as you are sipping a latte.

I loved this article.

More than 186 million American adults – or eight out of ten men and women aged 18 and older – are “weight conscious”, according to a new national survey released this week by the Calorie Control Council. Five out of ten (54%) want to reduce their weight, and noted that exercise, cutting back on sugar, using low calorie or reduced sugar products, and restricting the size of meal portions are the most common tactics.

But this one really got me thinking.

Over a decade of dieting: Women spend a staggering SEVENTEEN years of their lives trying to lose weight

  • Study finds 90% of women have been on a diet
  • Average woman loses her body weight over nine times during her life
  • Women in North West find it most difficult to diet

So what is going on?

Clearly there is a push and pull happening between what we know we have to do and what the commercial food industry wants us to do!

So we return to the question, are we weight obsessed?

Clearly there are some diets that work and maybe it all comes down to our personal situation?

  •  Iam on diet since 2 months   I
    drooped from 92kg to 79 now. Before 1 year i was 105 kg
    I feel iam different person

And maybe we don’t have any issues?

  •  Im not diet obsessed

Possibly it all comes down to focus, are just to distracted?

  •  As a boxer – I can  lose  10 kilos
    in a week  — just  eat  and work hard in the gym – diets do work
    sometime – hard work in the gym always works- regards  Will

And how do other nations do it?

  • Are italians diet obsessed? I don’t
    think so as this evident from their cusine cheesy pizza pasta.Then why
    they are skinny?
  • Seefood diet, when I see food I eat it!

Maybe the books can and do work, again if you are focused?

  •  4 Hour Body, by Tim Ferris – changed
    my life 10kg in 8weeks and its stayed off using carb cycling

It all comes down to a healthy lifestyle in the end!

  •  Diet vs healthy eating…there’s a
    difference. We shld all eat healthily..but don’t so go on diets

This was the article that kicked off the question.

So are we dieting obsessed?

Here is the link to the podcastif you want to hear what the callers said, and yes there is one guy who lost 17KG eating chocolate!




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