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How much thought about public space safety?

Posted on | March 17, 2013 | No Comments

How much thought are you giving to the safety of the public space you are in?

What I am not talking about is security in the sense that might immediately come to mind as in police safety.

What about the safety of the physical environment?

The chairs, the equipment, the railings, the tiles… all those things that are installed, signed off on and maybe never considered again.

Park safety is a big thing both in the UAE and abroad.



We asked the question on Nightline and here is a taste of what we got.

It isn’t just the physical space but the way work is being carried out in that space!

  • What about workers using chainsaw like cutter to trim hedges with children going past- so scary

The big question was what about our common sense?

  • Common sense… Common sense that’s what we used

And then there is the whole issue of public space and our home space and 2 standards!

  •  Always give it thought as a parent , but ironically most of my kids and my wife have got hurt at home slipping on wet tiles, stairs and fingers in doors.  My son even climbed the tree in our garden, fell out and broke his arm. Go figure :). Deon

And then there is the return to common sense.

  •  I pay attention to the children that are in the area and how harsh they play that might break swings or slides or hurt other children
  •  I think it’s healthy for kids to get a few bumps and bruises. It’s only when hazards that can cause fatality that issues need to be addressed. Tolga

So where do we draw the line?

How much responsibility do we as users need to assume when it comes to safety in public spaces?

Is it all really a question of common sense?

Here is the podcast, we would love to hear your opinion.


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