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Daisygrim on Nightline.

Posted on | March 17, 2013 | No Comments

One my favorite times of the week is when we get the opportunity to bring a local band into the studio for a talk and a play.

This time around we had the pleasure of chatting with the boys from Daisygrim.

And no the band name has nothing to do with fairy tales but instead the juxtaposition of the highs and lows of life.

Here is what the band says about itself from facebook.

DaisyGrim is an alternative rock band currently based in Dubai, they are well known for their unique style of music, and their great on stage presence, after the release of the band’s latest EP in early august 2012 entitled “The Valley EP” which included tracks such as “Caliber” and “Johnny” they have been busy promoting their music not only on the internet but through gigs and various other appearances throughout the UAE.

DaisyGrim had a successful debut a local radio station in Dubai (Dubai Eye) back in 2010, just a year after first forming and have continued growing on the Dubai airwaves since. After the change of name earlier this year, the band have found it difficult regain the amount of internet hits and promote their new sound but haven’t stopped pushing and will continue to.

Greg Brown (vocalist/Rhythm guitarist) and former lead guitarist Sultan Al Ameri have been playing and writing music together since early 2010 and continued recording and playing shows in Abu Dhabi and Dubai since, and with various member changes over the years, the core of the band still remains strong.

While working with the highly influential music promoter Ahmet San, the band planned to play a tour around turkey during the summer months of 2012 to promote their previous EP “Brownies-Gun” (named after the bands former Drummer) and they continue to progress in the eyes of their fans and listeners.

The idea of DaisyGrim revolves around the concept of dark and light, and the battle between the good and the evil as portrayed in the song “The Valley” from their latest EP, and it is easy to hear the influence of this concept not only through the lyrics but the instrumental work behind the bands other singles as well as tracks from the EP.

Their influences include the rock n roll classics such as Led Zeppelin, The Raconteurs, The Clash, The Sex Pistols, and Jimi Hendrix, etc. as well as many blues artists such as B.B king.

Here is the podcast of their appearance on Nightline.

5 songs and nothing but raw enthusiasm.

And we were only moments away from hearing them cover  Boney M!

Here is what the audience had to say.

  •  If justin bieber can make it. These boys can rock it harder – let’s hear some more!
  •  You guys should cover Heavyweight by Our Lady Peace. The live acoustic verson is on YouTube. Your vocals would be perfect.
  •  DasieGrim – amazing! Entertained me the whole way back to Dubai. I’m adding you on FB now! Good luck! Romi
  • Oh my God they are good
  • This song is awesome. I’m pleasently surprised (just tuned in). When’s the EP out and where can we get it?
  • Daisygrim you awesome! From Billy. Ps: greg and theo tell him!
  •  Daisygrim is rasmataz!!! And we love the cute theo – cassandra  🙂
  •  The daisygrim guys are sounding amazing, so proud of you lot! Love Em :
  •  Daisygrim are amazing lets hear more
  • Brilliant !
  • WE LOVE DAiSYGRiM!!! Awesome talent right there! <3
  • Daisygrim rocking it in acoustic! Rohan
  • Daisy grimm are brilliant !
So what can we say?
There is great talent in Dubai just looking for a way to be heard!


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