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White Points Do They Matter To You?

Posted on | March 5, 2013 | No Comments

So it is no joke that there are pretty awful drivers in any country.

And it is not joke that we need to find an incentive to make people want to drive better.

Fines while a great big stick just don’t do the job 100%

So the Dubai Police have come up with a novel and obvious idea, White Points.


The idea is so obvious it seems to have gone unnoticed until now.

Of course there are people who are suspicious, why I am not sure, but the idea has been kicked off.

The added bonus is that of all the drivers with a clean record last year 700 were picked to also take home prizes not just the 12 white points.

And nice to know that you can use your white points to offset your black points if you rack up a few.

So, you are obviously asking what did the Nightline community have to say?

  •  I see the intentions  of the RTA is good  but the system has too many holes for example.  In order to get my impounded  car back i need to get behind the wheel..?  again.   Are they assuming  I have another  car.  Good drivers don’t drive for white points. The UAE is a small country  these incentives should be not just for Dubai.  LUCAS

You see, we are always looking for the downside.

But there are also those who simply wonder what this all means.

  •  Do parking tickets go against you?
  • I think linking the award to registration or something similer is more motivating than anual draw cuz every1 is a winner here not on lotary. but good start
  • Do you have to have a clean record for the following year or your whole driving career. Omar

It is all about the motivation isn’t it.

  •  DuPo good idea! Further more should provide an app to be in touch with your driving habits real time engage – motivate to keep up – social connect share- viral promote – educate awareness. Praveen.

If we can get the new drivers to clue in we are ahead of the game really.

  •  More incentives should be given to younger drivers as they are more prone to rash driving. Haris
  •  The police have done a great job in recent years with all the speed cameras etc, I feel safer in the road than in past years, White points will not stopthe remaining dangerous drivers who tend to be young locals in their lexus or land cruisers who dont care about a little. Bit of money. White points will reward drivers who are good which is fine but I think the police should put there resources into stopping the last few mad drivers which I think can bedone by putting more unmarked police cars catching people.
  • If it were monthly, more people would be motivated. But if it’s annually, the majority would just say “oh no I won’t win.” For no reason other than pessimism.
  •  White points is great. Should be redeemable with annual registration aswell. Na’im

What I would love to know is what a winner thinks of the whole White Point idea and where the plans are headed.


Want to listen to the podcast? Here it is.



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