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Bring on the Balcony Police!

Posted on | March 4, 2013 | No Comments

Yes it is back, the balcony patrol!

Sharjah is back in the news as it rolls out a fresh wave of patrols to make sure that balconies are clutter free.

Nightline asked what you thought of this initiative?

250 Dirhams is the fine for having laundry, storage boxes or a satellite dish on your balcony

Here are 2 articles from the Gulf News you might find interesting.



So what did people say about this topic on Nightline?

Here is a sample of the SMS traffic.

On one hand there are people who feel that there is a disconnect between the villa and apartment community.

  •  I think its alwyas good to take care of the look of  city. But isnt that space in the balcony belongs to me and am paying for it , idont belive in electrical dryer its not hygine  i need the sun exposer,  i cant hang clothse in coridoor,     give me an alternative and i will chang it els  where.  People should think about other people we done all live in vills!!!
  •     Dubai flats generally are not designed with enough storage space inside.

There is also a group of people who feel that the larger community needs to be considered, not just balconies.

  •     Sharjah clean city is a joke n da fines r just a mode of   making money..
  •    We have to ask shj authorities: Instead of looking at balcony they should look at plasic bags, bottles littered and not cleaned for ages.

And there are folks who see the alternatives.

  •     You can get drying frames that are lower than the balcony wall – this is a good option that allows you to make use of the sun rather than an electric dryer, and still maintain the building’s looks.

What about owners vs renters?

  •    As a flat owner I dont want an ugly exterior. It reduces the property value

Is it such a bad thing to ask that the outside of an apartment be kept clean?

Here is the podcast what do you think?


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