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Posted on | February 4, 2013 | No Comments

By James Piecowye


Nightline asked the question seem to be perpetually on everyone’s mind these days.

Are we expecting too much from our customer service providers?

We had a modest reaction on the telephone but a far more spirited interaction on the SMS line.

Customer service issues seem to be a big burr in peoples shoes.

  • Core values are indoctrinated by management. I’m the CEO of my company. If I didn’t care about service, our business would have been just another local business who only cares about that “one transaction”, about penny pinching, about offering dodgy post purchase service. And repeat business would have suffered greatly. Our repeat business only sees a healthy growth every year. Trust and love your customers. Treat them as you would treat a guest at your home, as a close friend, and they will remember you for being compassionate, and for adoring them.
  •    Customer Service needs to be a movement – a change. Right now, management caliber does not have the right exposure. Without good management, it will show in the service. When customers communicate with us (our business) they usually tell us they “love” us and our service. It is because we make customer service, and service in general, as a core value of our company.

And then there is this feeling of helplessness for those who have to engage in customer service and the occasional knight jumping in to the rescue.

  •    I stuck up for a indian cashier being bullied by a egyptian woman then she started on me and i put her in her place

When all is said and done customer service is about us and and how we deal with issues.

  •   I used to own a restaurant. Many of my best regular customers were ones who had previously had a complaint that was addressed well. Donald

What really gets under people’s skin?

  •    Factor#1: This outrageous philosophy followed by most companies in UAE that customer is always right, no matter how audacious their behavior.
    Factor#2:The lack of any worker’s rights. It’s so easy for companies here to keep it’s already underpaid workers constantly intimated with the threat of being fired from their jobs.
  •    I remember the used to be a company whose catch line was”we never forget you have a choice”.unfortunately I think many companies do forget this.
  •    I used to be a front office manager for a big supermarket. The service with the smile used to be policy and also standing for 8 hours. I saw one place that wrote: one cofee 5 dirham, one cofee please 3 dirham. Custumer service is first of all common sence, with the mix of cultures here and the different understanding in regards to common sence it is really hard to achieve a standard. I have seen 4 men wathing a lady cashier packing bags and putting it inthe trollley, to me that is wrong
  •   I expect genuine service, the automated humans in fast food places are really upsetting

So, where does this leave us?

Pretty much back at the start.

We know there are issues and the same people delivering customer service are also at the receiving side more often than not but what are we doing about it?



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