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Public Personal Grooming the New Norm?

Posted on | January 30, 2013 | No Comments

So when did personal, yes I said personal, grooming become a public activity?

Maybe the fact that we share so much of our private life in public spaces like facebook, twitter, instagram and the like we now feel that a little floss while commuting on the metro or makeup application on the bus is ok?

I was a bit surprised by the number of people who thought maybe offenders need to be cut a bit of slack because they are busy, tired or young even.

Is it ever ok or cool to do you your personal grooming in a public space?

I spoke with one PR exec today who actually admitted to applying nail polish while riding on a bus! The passengers called her on it but she didn’t think it was a big deal.

Uhhh when did personal grooming become a publicly acceptable activity?

Here is a taste of the SMS chattter.

  •  Drivers in LA have pee pans to use in traffic ….. Guys n gals ….syed

Oh and do we want to know what the do with the bedpan?

  • People should be brushing   Their teeth in public toilets either.
  • We should be moveing forward not backwards we have moved forward from stone age
  •  Dear Dr. James, although ALL personal grooming is considered a “private” act and one should not be seen caught in the act, it might be socially acceptable as long as acts of hygiene maintenance aren’t involved (ie: food remains, hair & nail droppings). That’s just nasty & disgusting. Parents shouldn’t be blamed.. Parents won’t teach u not to shave in your car. We’re talking about adults here and all it takes is a minute to think about what you’re doing..
  • I’m personally okay with people beautifying themselves in public (as long as you are not in someone else’s space). But when grooming gets into the domain of personal hygiene (clipping nails, flossing) that is taking it too far. 
  • As long as your DNA is not being sprinkled around its ok, sharjil
  • Shaveing in car is not healthy to respiritory tract dr noor
  • These people dont know how to use their time Properly. James Abu Dhabi

And the question that begs to be asked is who should be teaching the basic etiquette of personal grooming and who should be held accountable when adults fail with their common sense etiquette?

  • I have just returned from London. I saw numerous ladies doing their makeup especially in the early morning ….. Tariq
  • Is this again down to a lack of direction and guidance from parents? Who takes responsibility for unacceptable behavior? Julie m
  •  I m guilty of electric shave while driving in   Tx …syed

Dr. Noor can always be relied upon to bring a conversation down to earth!

Well if that doesn’t make you pause for thought then nothing will.

Grab the entire podcast here and pass it on!


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