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Tourism Overload?

Posted on | January 30, 2013 | No Comments

Nightline asked if it is ever possible to reach a point where we might say there are too many tourists?

The provocation for the question was a 7days article that pointed out the increased number of tourist planes flying over the JBR area.

JBR, by the way, is a tourist area full of people and traffic!

So what were you thinking?

  •  Tourist sight seeing planes  on the increase in Rak too, so much so that we have recently commented on the noise on weekends along the coastal compound we live in…….
  •  This is ridiculous. Dubai was built for tourism! Why turn business away? Regulate it, but grow it. Grow it a lot more.
  •  In this day and age of economic crisis tourism should be encouraged. Can we better regulate activities yes, eg camping and the pollution it currently creates, pollution on the beaches. We should strive to preserve what is beautiful and precious, and even more tourist will come, and everyone benefits
  • The planes are much less of a nuisance than the garbage floating in the water and the lack of environmental ethics I see around dxb. Is that what we want tourists remembering us for?
  • hi James,
    France gets the most tourist visitors in the world. Do they complain? Do they have a problem? Did they lose their culture or language?
  • Tourism contributes more than 30% of our GDP. Quality is controlled by the Tourism Board. If you are disturbed by planes on beach call them ! Why write to newspapers ? Rgds,
  • How many jobs this industry is creating (directly or indirectly)… advantages are way more than disadvantges..
  •  James you have look at tourism as a necessary evil. If you want peace and quiet there are still lots of places to go. Sam

I think Sam hits the nail on the head, tourism is a necessary evil and something we simply need to live with.

I loved this caller.

Mohammed sets us straight on what a UAE National is thinking of the pros and cons of tourism.

At the end of the day 30% of the UAE’s GDP comes from the tourism industry, do we really want to tamper with that?

Here is the link to the full podcast, listen and pass it on.


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