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Walking is it a lost art?

Posted on | January 28, 2013 | No Comments

So why don’t we walk?

Some might say it is a safety thing.

7Days has suggested that there may even be life and death issues to consider.

Maybe the issue is we are just lazy?

Maybe we just look for any excuse to enjoy the luxury of a cab, bus, car or rickshaw. I did see a few of these in Old Town last weekend.

The reality is walking is a good thing and something that, if presented to us as children, can be a big part of our lives.

Listen to this caller she has an amazing story.

The SMS was a mixed bag but for the most part they came down on the side of the walker. Motivation is a big issue. But if you have the motivation you are gold!

  •  I am almost 100kgs and everyday i make a decision to walk tomorrow onwards to have a little exercise but it is laziness that stops me from going out andwalking. It requires discipline and mental motivation. Philip
  •  I was bought up in the uk with an active lifestyle..practillay thrown outdoors to play. Now there is internet, tv etc which encourages laziness. Call for deliveries, take car as its quicker & everything is so far away so we end up in THE CAR!! I had a day off with no technology, car etc walking everywhere & it felt GREAT!

I love the guy who’s work is all about walking.

  •  Hi james … I walk  five hours every morning , five days a week ,eleven months a year. (my job is parking inspector) abdallah

And then there is lazy.

  • I’m lazy! Calling the grocery place is far more convenient. I don’t walk cuz I’m lazy, no excuses
  •  Stop pushing me! I’m lazy! There I said it :p
  • hot weather! I can’t walk during the summer. Abbas

This wife is amazing!

  •  My wife does not drive and walks everywhere and we have a double buggy with two children under two! She probably covers 5- 10 Kim a day including doing the supermarket shop twice a week.   Antony

So are you not walking? What is your excuse?

Listen to the podcast and share your walking story with us.


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