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End of the Shelf for Local Grocery?

Posted on | January 23, 2013 | No Comments

Abu Dhabi has set the date of December 31, 2013 for local grocery stores to come into compliance with renovation rules.

Here is an article to get you thinking.

The question we asked on Nightline is whether or not you would actually miss the local grocery if it became more institutional? Text


If the local grocery was part of a chain would you care?

This caller framed it nicely and in the end seemed to think a change would be good.

And of course there were several people who suggested that the local grocery is a piece of what makes the community a community.

Here is a glimpse at the SMS conversations.

  •  I think this move is a way to help the bigger hypermarkets push new express stores like lulu express carrefour express, etc., to expand. What can happenis the monopolization of daily commodities, so, the hypermarkets can keep the corner grocery and new entrepreneurs from having ambition to create new competitions away. It’s ironic, that once upon a time choitrams and lulu were corner stores… Kash


  • Honestly convenient store remind me of nothing as culture of convenient store far away from what represent back home but as much as annoying and far away from Heath standard and there is no connectivity between us as resident and SME so nothing is missing


  • I miss the shop that sold only one thing like a butcher , a baker,…


  • Small grocery places stock in non temp controlled so I don’t buy water from these stores. Pladtic bottles are in high temp storage before putting them in freezer.


  • The corner convenience stores margins are much less than the mini marts. They need to be there. Ilyas


  • Hi james, the abu dhabi regulation must be enforced in all emirates. These small groceries don’t show much care for edible items and i have been on the wrong end of their negligence. Though they are very convenient for thousands of families here, there has to be regulation and regular inspection. Better to be safe than sorry.


  • Think about what happens at night when the store is closed and the lights are off. What starts crawling around ? Marc


  •  Its not the service that would be missed. That’s replaceable. What I would miss would be the people and the connections. Do u miss the old smelly cabs of Dubai?


  • Were there any incidents of food poisioning which warrented closure of these grocery stores. If not I think it is the supermarkets who exerted pressure to gain market share. Ilyas.

What do you think? Is it a case of the local grocery being held to standards and if they cannot meet the cost of that they need to close?

Is the issue about conglomerates taking over and muscling out the little guy?

Is this an issue at all?

Here is the entire Nightline conversation.


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