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Put it Back On!

Posted on | January 22, 2013 | No Comments

What is appropriate to wear and what is inappropriate to wear?

This question gets even more traction when you start to have the conversation in relation to the workplace.

And unfortunately all eyes tend to turn to the female employees.

Not that men don’t, on occasion, dress in a manner that may be deemed offensive, but for the most part it is the women in the house who are dressing in a way that attracts a lot of attention.

You know what I am talking about, hot pants, mini skirts, plunging necklines and the list goes on.

Here is the article that got the whole conversation going.

And what did those listening have to say?

Here are a few of the messages to give you a sense of where the conversation went.

  1.  Modesty in the workplace is even more important being in a muslim country. Many people just dont seem to care.
  2.  When will the objectification of women and outdated office attire, hours, big brother attitudes go away! Someone’s clothes, fashion sense, color or religious practice shud not offend anyone! Respect each other as human beings!
  3. Ain’t it naive to have this topic in Islamic society.  This topic is reflecting 0.001 percent of expat prefer to dressup inappropriate way, if they dontthey will not be hired for work. Free zone areas are the example as you mentioned.
  4.  James we need to keep this in respect to UAE, its cultural and religious values. If the state has entrusted its residents with a certain amount of freedom, it should not be abused. 
  5.  Hi,Our Hr. Manager was a lady and it was a part of office ethics ”Women should wear respectful clothing, low cut dresses and short skirts are not allowed””men should wear shirts with neck ties”people were fired after given a number of written warnings.Regards,Faisal
  6.  Who do u prefer ..a smartly dressed inefficent staff or a casually dressed staff who always get the work done. Do u want a efficent staff or a smartly dressed staff?

The reality is this is an issue that is played out on a daily basis and sometimes the offending individual has no idea that they are offending people.

Here is a conversation with a caller who missed the subtle hint that the cloths were too much for the office but finally caught on.

So what can I say?

Yes this is an issue and no there is no easy answer.

If you missed the show here is the podcast to get caught up.


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