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Fake Stuff is Bad?

Posted on | January 21, 2013 | No Comments

It is estimated that the market for fake goods, globally, is worth over 250 billion US dollars.

You can get pretty much anything fake these days.

And we seem to have an insatiable appetite for vanity products like watches and handbags that are well beyond our means to afford.

On the other hand if we are presented with fake medicine or car parts we have an issue.

Fake is fake is fake isn’t it?

This caller sure thought so and he made several very good points.

The folks who joined the conversation via the SMS were not all in agreement on the good or bad side of buying fake goods.

 Am creating a hakintosh as experiment 😛  oh I forget a mac on hp laptop

Its black and white and there is no grey area. Be content and not be greedy!
Why just consumer goods? Wht abt ip theft thru youtube, copying of books etc? – robin

May not be necessary for people to stop buying them. In fact in electronics category, the fakes are as good as the original, serve the same purpose. Whywud one fill the coffers of premium brands just on the basis of the original

Hence “knock outs for vanity” may still work but not comparable with consumables

Luxury products are 4 vanity price value equation in luxe brands may not be subscribed by popular mass

The UN has some pretty blunt messages about the consequences of buying fake.

There are some great stats to look at.

In the end do we really care as long as we are getting the latest product, or a look-a-like at a very easy price?

Here is the Nightline podcast on the topic.


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