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End the Week With a Tune!

Posted on | January 17, 2013 | No Comments

Even I have to admit that there are times in radioland where we get caught up in the moment.

Not that being caught int he moment is a bad thing, but we can make a mountain out of a mole hill.

One of my favorite parts of the Nightline week is Wednesday’s at 9pm when we open the studio to independent music artists in the middle east.

Paul Kelly, triplew.me, joined me as usual and brought along Jay Wud.

If I had to sum up Jay in one word it would be WOW!

Here is a self-taught guitarist who rocks with the vigor of Aerosmith and Led Zepplin.

Jay and Bojan

Here is Jay and Bojan in the studio with me in studio.

What I love about Jay is his honesty about the music industry and what he is hoping to get out of it, an audience.

This is the link to Jay’s website where you can download his music.

The show itself was a lot of fun and the highlight had to be the unplugged performance of Lovelust.


As we were playing a couple of songs of the latest CD, False Utopia, there were the boys playing along.

What I know for sure is there is some great talent in the UAE that has yet to be heard.

Here is the complete podcast.


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