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Parents Get it Right?

Posted on | January 15, 2013 | No Comments

How good of a parent are you?

There are some questions being asked about how protective we should actually be of our children.

Some people say we are right on track and others feel we maybe need to let go a little.

A recent study doesn’t paint the brightest picture


Some actually feel that we can’t mess with things or take a chance.

The world is not the same as when we grew up. It’s not as safe and not as caring

One thing that I ask myself is; is it worth the risk? No, I feel it isn’t

And then we have the reasons for our choices to think about.

My cousin who lives in USA said that she wants to settle her son in Dubai and also let him live alone so he gets tough. Then she asked about weather… when I told about summer she said its too hot for him… I cannot afford that…

So what do we actually call this phenomenon?

Cotton gloving, helicoptering, pandering maybe simply being over protective?

┬áIt’s called helicopter parenting ! We have to equip them for this world . Julie m

And there are reasons to be concerned.

No as we are risk adverse . Our children must be allowed to grow intellectually and emotionally

Julie joined us on the line for an interesting conversation.

Our last message made the point that many clung to all evening.

The thing is- times change. We live in a far more dynamic and informed world. Every generation complains about how things are done compared to how they used to be done. We need to embrace change and move with the times.

Here is the podcast to share and think about.

What we can be very certain of is that this conversation will continue as it has for our parents and for our children when they are parents.


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