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Buckle-up for Safety or Not.

Posted on | January 14, 2013 | No Comments

To wear a seatbelt or to not wear a seatbelt that was the Nightline question.

Here I am thinking that anyone and everyone would think the idea of NOT wearing a seatbelt crazy talk.

Well I was wrong.

 I see ppl get fat and diabetes doesn’t mean I quit eating junk food. Why would seatbelt be different. Aimon

I loved the caller who suggested wearing or not wearing a seatbelt was a freedom of choice issue.

The 1st text of the night seemed to suggest that just because we say it is safer to buckle up doesn’t mean it really is. Or maybe he is saying that safety for one person is not necessarily safety for another.

Fortunately Kirsty came to the rescue with her story.

Hi James, we all wear seat belts, if you get in my car or my husbands you’ll wear a seatbelt or walk (I’m British and my husband is UAE National) I can’t tell you how many young people he has attended funerals for due to fatal car accidents get smart people! Kirsty


Wassam framed why she wears a seatbelt in terms of an accident that she walked away from.

And then there are the suggestions that the manufacturers need to get involved in the proactive safety game.

  Technically airbags will not open if seat belt is not on because it will not recognize there is a passenger.(In most cars)…Mohd
Car should be designed to not be able to start with out person having seat belt on. Helen

So in the end it all comes down to common sense and Mohammed thinks that it comes down to the driver making sure those in the car are buckled up.


Here is the complete show to share.


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