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Need Film Festivals?

Posted on | December 19, 2012 | No Comments

So, we asked the very simple question on Nightline, “do we need film festivals in the age of technology?”

I thought it was a good question given YouTube, Vimeo and the draw of the internet to all sorts of content.

What is the point of a film festival anyway?

Well these are a few sites to get you started int he conversation.





Tribecca Digital




I was surprised by the response to the secondary question who went and did not go to DIFF.

  • I did when once, its was very busy and movie was disappointing,
  • When was it and where?????
  • I work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. How people can find time for films amazes me. Dubai is business not pleasure.
  •  I had won a few vouchers from a competition held on dubaiconfidential.ae, but for DIFF there weren’t just enough seats!! People were standing in queues for an hour or more
  • I did not go Becauae it is a DUBAI film festival. Film festival per se is important and should continue as it should be regardless how intense the digital world grows
  • My husband and I have been enjoying DIFF for last 9 years. We make it a point to see as many non-commercial films as poss, as we are starved of them forthe rest of the year. We usually see at least 10 films- tho this year travel meant we hardly saw any:(
  • Not that interested in film festival where most of the films have been cut…
  • I had passes but didn’t go, cause unless ur in the business, i think its plain boring

So what did people have to say about technology evaporating the support for film festivals?

  • Film festivals screen films which struggle to get an opportuntiy to screen at mainscreen box offices. This is because film festivals care about the artistic value and social value of films rather than economic returns
  •  Flim festival will be attractive when there is a good collection of quality movies. The mere appearance of commercial movie star makes it very common and unattractive.
  • Yes we need film festival like any another festivals and use the technology to give another chance who missed opportunity. Digital festivals are just images with no exact feel. If f u r interested u will enjoy or If not wait for ur favorite festivals. So everyone is happy.

Maybe what we are looking at is a situation where don’t realize what you have?

Here is the podcast to give a listen to the conversation as it happened.


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