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Buy Why?

Posted on | December 18, 2012 | No Comments

Here is a wonderful question.

Have you been hooked by a misguided global consumer culture?

You know the signs of a victim, the person who wants to have the latest and greatest stuff but does not really need it.

And Christmas time doesn’t help things at all.

Maybe the fact that we want and spend like fiends is good thing from the perspective of boosting economies?

Maybe wanting new stuff is a good thing because it keeps the trash collectors in business?

Maybe wanting new stuff is good because it ensures that we look brand new!

Nightline asked if we are caught up in ad hype and buy new to simply have new and we got some interesting responses.

  • On d lighter side, shud we keep changing our wives, new nd upgraded ones r avlbl…just fr a laugh only
  •  I’m happy with the old wife. A new young model might b nice but the last thing i want 2 now is to read a new instruction booklet! 🙂

And then there is the institutionalized peer pressure to have new.

  • I Agree it is silly and I am one of the people who hate to shop. I’d love to have the latest things but I don’t because simply I don’t need them.  BUT, unfortunately my business requires to have maybe not the latest car but the latest Mac Pro retina screen because the clients have to know that I am successful and my services are well acquired by many clients. Again, unfortunately. That’s the world we’re living in here in dubai.

What about the economic impact of spending.

  • Hi, First time texting in, love the show. Playing devils advocate here, but one could argue  that it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It drives the economy forward. In the aftermath of the global economic downturn, retail spending ha played a pivotal role in trying to get the global economies turned around

Oh the herd mentality is also there.

  •  I feel that it is stupid how people chase the ” Latest ” technology, when its not really that different from the previous ones, its only a waste of money for an extra, small tiny feature, unless its something you truly honestly need it, then buy it, otherwise, its plain silly in my opinion

So what are we left with?

Maybe wanting stuff is not so bad.

But keep your desire real and don’t spend into debt to enjoy.

Here is the podcast of the show.







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