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What Do Our Youth Need To Be Taught Today?

Posted on | December 17, 2012 | No Comments

So, are we doing a good job teaching youth today?

Is it enough to figure the standard education will get our youth ready for the future?

I am not so sure we are really preparing our children for the future as much as sitting back with a smug smile feeling that today’s youth have had to suffer through the same antiquated education we went through.

So what do we really need to be teaching our youth?

Here is what we came up with on Nightline.

  1. The best gift that parents can give their kids is religion.
  2. I think parents should sit with their children more n make out if this time fun n enjoyable time n not a boring one. I don’t mean going to the mall shopping or restaurant where mum is on the phone,dad surfing the net n kids on the iPad , thank you for a great show
  3. It is easier to build a child than repair adults. So we need to train our children for the changes we’d like to see in our communities. We need to build our future today!
  4. One thing that is really needed  in high school  and university is Personal Finance Skills. Saving Money, Saving for a Pension, buying Property, Maslow’s pyramid of needs, credit cards, loans.
  5. Kids should be taught to respect their elders and love their younger ones.
  6. I’m a girl, I grew up in the UAE and I know how to change a tire, drive a manual car, sew, cook, take care of kids, fix an IT problem, repair a blocked toilet, take care of a garden and so on. So the stereotype can be wrong, but I do think things have to be taught at school. I read Classic literature, philosophy books and painted & drew… When I was 12. Kids that age today go crazy over Justin Bieber and Twiloght. It’s actually been proven that with each generation the average IQ level drops by 4%.
  7. They need to learn times table. They should avoid using phone & ipad
  8. I think educational institutions need to be challenged to equip children for life than just for careers
  9. Schools are continuously teaching children to NOT FAIL. But they need to fail to appreciate success and to innovate out of the box. We should not fear failure but learn from it
  10. As an Emirati I feel that the next generation will have a lot to overcome, not the least of which is that they never experienced this county’s growth and cannot fathom where we came from. The have this mentality of “entitlement” that will be detrimental to their social and mental growth. Generally speaking I feel we are raising spoiled brats, boys and girls who are too dependent on mom and dad’s support, since they’ve lived at home all their lives.
    We should send them away to learn to be self dependent… My generation called it college, this generation doesn’t get a real college experience, since they study at home.
    Let them make mistakes, and they will learn from it, and it will help build their character.
  11. Our children need to stop getting spoilt. Todays parents spoil their kids with materialistic items to cover up for the time they need to give them. Kidsneed time and quality nurturing!
  12. Children need to learn the basics like reading  and writing and the ability to hold conversation before being dependent on iPad s mobile phones tv etcetc
  13. stand up  their rights and never settle for less
  14. They shud learn , Keep smiling from the heart and take everything in +ve
  15. I think ethics & exposure to various cultures
  16. Teach them how to enjoy reading

The reality is this is a changing world and it is changing fast.

Education, formal or informal, needs to prepare our youth to embrace the past and the unknown future.

I think our youth need to be taught all the above which means they will stand a chance of rolling with what ever hits them.

Here is the podcast from Dubaieye.


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