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Thoughts on Gift Giving.

Posted on | December 14, 2012 | No Comments

Is it possible that the whole idea of gift giving has lost its meaning?

Have we been brainwashed by marketing machines to believe that a gift’s value is measured by its monetary value and that alone?

Well as much as we want to say there is more to gift giving than the weight of our wallets I am not so sure.

What did the Nightliners have to say?

It seems there is a bit of angst in the air and the belief that real friends see gifts for what they are.

 Does the price really matter? If you want a buy a gift then do so. People should buy within theirs means. If someone I gave a gift to is going to judge me according to the price of the gift then they don’t deserve it in the first place !

And then there was this idea.

Truth: people say that gifts should be meaningful, and you should not look at price tags.
Fact : nothin today can beat the feeling of an iphone5 out of the box.

And then we actually had some gift giving reality in the city.

Well in our office we had a secret santa thingy and the deal was the gift shld not be  worth  more than 20 dhs and thats when ppl actually put some thought into it  i got the biggest gift on earth model of  the burj khalifa and living in dubai for so long i never had a model of the burj …..

Then of course there is the the other side of things.

I get very cynical and tired of the one-upmanship of gift giving at this time of year, especy if the gifts are to be given at a xmas gathering. The peer pressure to win the gift game is so sad to see.

And what about this?

If the friend you make a meaningfull, but low value, gift is offended, then you may want to consider changing friends. If it is your husband (or wife) then tough luck 🙂

Maybe what we really need to think about is our own motives with gift giving?

Giving expensive gifts is more about showing your status tha pleasing the receiver

Here is one of my favorite stories of the evening and it really does make me think that there is hope for all of us and gift giving.

2 years ago while visiting family in calgary for xmas – through a charity founded by famous canadian native actor Tom Jackson – my children and I helpedserve a turkey dinner on xmas eve to battered women and children and homeless men. Although we still had our own conspicuous consumption on Christmas day, it was the most meaningful Christmas my children have had.

So that was it, that was the gift conversation on Nightline.

And what do you think? Are we able to move beyond the spend on gifts and think in terms of the idea value or is that asking too much?

Here is the podcast of the show.


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