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Can You Say NO!

Posted on | December 12, 2012 | No Comments

There is no question we have a lot of obligations.

Sometimes there are things we must do, sometimes there are things we want to do and there there are things we think we should do.

The reality is we need to make choices.

I asked those listening to Nightline what they though about being able to say no to invitations and claiming back a little me time.

The answers, as you would expect, wee all over the map.

There are a few who are certain that they must NOT say no.

Maybe it has something to do with missing out?

But there were more than a few people who had observations and suggestions.

I love the conversation on how to get out of things.

Yes, I have done that a few times. Another one is, “ok, I’ll be there, but do u mind if I leave early”. If the food is good or the party is happening, stay along, otherwise leave. You already had a disclaimer

Or you can just be honest.

Sometimes you just have to say Sorry but No & hope they would understand.


Just say no THAnK U I really can’t nothing better than the truth

And then there are the people who worry if you say no too many times you are going to be alone.

when u starting saying no to others, you start saying yes to urself and what you want to do ; but at the same time if u keep saying no , u will then come a point where u spend time with only with urself !  how difficult is it to go to the beach and just sittt there

Of course there is also the philosophy of choice and the wise choice.

‘the good is the enemy of the great’ means is easy to fritter away your life  on lots of ‘good’ things, but then find you never have time for great things


When it comes to social life here or anywhere, its quality not quantity for sure! Fewer outings, with fewer good friends and a lot of “me” time. PS “Me”time does not mean sitting at home

I love the person who just doesn’t want to disappoint.

I try to avoid being invited so I won’t have to say no

Or there is the classic excuses.

Just say that you’re superstitious and you’ve heard the world is ending in 2012 and would rather cross things off your bucket list than attend an engagement 🙂


Politely we say wife or hubby is sick.  The sick person is whoever who is less close to the inviting friends.

What is very clear to me from the conversation is that time is a commodity we are all trying to use wisely, the question is where do we draw the lin?

My advice is go with your gutt.

Here is the podcast to ponder.




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