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So Long Letter Writing?

Posted on | December 11, 2012 | No Comments

Are we looking into the abyss when it comes to the art of writing letters?

It is funny actually, we talk, moan, lament and maybe even cry a bit about how we are not writing letters like we did a short time ago but few if any are doing anything about it.

I mean making the effort to actually put pen to paper.

On Nightline we asked if people thought the art of writing letters was dead and we got a mixed bag of answers.

One of my favorite answers was from “R” who said it was all about efficiency and letter writing is totally inefficient.

Maybe there is something there? The paper, the ink, the transport…

But there is something about the social exercise of putting ideas down on paper using your own hand.

Neo also came back asking if it was maybe a positive thing for the environment to not use “snail mail?”

Yet on special occasions we do still like to send and receive a card with hand written messages.

And how often do you actually throw the letters, notes, curios you get that are hand written away?

Others said we have become a post-it generation which does take us back to twitter and facebook and the 140 character brief to the point message idea.

So is the art of letter writing dead? Not totally but it would seem to have one foot in the grave and the only thing stopping it or slowing the retreat down is you and I!

Maybe we need to start letter writing clubs?

Here is the conversation we had on Nightline about letter writing, there is a lot of food for thought here.

I would love to read what you think! Why not drop me a letter at James Piecowye Box 19282, Dubai, UAE.


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