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James’ Journal for the week ending September 29

Posted on | September 29, 2012 | No Comments

James’ Journal for the week ending September 29

We are still only weeks into the semester but there is no question this is going to be a busy one.

The internship students have submitted their paperwork and we are waiting to hear back from the potential internship sites. What is becoming clear to me is that organizations need a dedicated point person to work on internship experiences year round. Maybe ZU can help organizations set this up?

In my COM280 class, New Media, students worked on submitting a Storify.com project. This was not as easy a task as I had hoped. Between lab machines and laptops we had challenges with getting students logged in and maintaining their connections. In the end the students learned the valuable lesson to not leave things until the end.

In com 240, Media Ethics, we spoke about PR and the challenges of promoting a client. We looked at the example of posting reviews of a clients book as a member of the public when in fact you are employed by the client. Interesting to see that this was not necessarily seen as a bad thing.

In com 315 we continued to work on writing leads and finished the week creating a photo montage with our mobile phones. This week we are going to continue our story assignments and work on a feature.

On Nightline we started the week asking the simple question, “do we listen enough”? It turns out we are great at hearing but we don’t seem to listen.

In hour 2 we asked how stressed are people today. The real question is what are we stressed about? Our jobs? Our relationships? Some people thought that thinking about stress makes us more stressed!

CarTalk is a little bit of comedy wrapped around the world of cars. Ian and Callum join me to talk cars and help people figure out what their current ride is worth.

Magnus Nystedt joins me from Pingdom.com to talk tech. We looked at a Samsung Series 9 Laptop and Magnus took a Nikon camera for a test drive. The best way to keep track of the fun on the program is by going to www.dxbtech.net.

Pesticides are a huge issue today. Are we a little over the top when it comes to bugs? As it turns out there is a lot of concern about how we are using pesticides and there are some great organic solutions.

And then the the Doctors joined us in the studio. Dr. Shereen Habib, from the Well Woman Clinic 04 332 7117 and Dr, Sean Petherbridge, from Keith Nicholl Medical Centre 04 394 1000, join me to talk about your aches and pains. Loved the conversation about global pandemics and pneumonia.

We finished off the week with a conversation with band members from Lazy Lung and the Black Lips as well as Bill Cody who is filming a documentary of the tour to the Middle East.

And that was the week.


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