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The Basic Tools?

Posted on | September 18, 2012 | No Comments

What do my students need and what do I need as a professor?

Today in my New Media class I wanted my students to play with PTCH and realized this was harder than I thought!

This is a cool tool but it needs an iPhone and only an iPhone, not all have these.

Then we needed to look at alternative way s of loading the app, iTunes was not working for everyone.

What my students really need is for me to have a box of eduphones and tablets to walk them through the world of new media.

While BYOD is a popular idea in the world I am living in this is simply not working.

What I have is a great opportunity for a service provider or handset company to jump in and provide tools.

In the mean time I am not putting my head back in the sand I am going plan B, beg and borrow equipment from anyone and everyone!

Yes it is a bit shameless but I really believe that the we need to be educating for tomorrow and not for yesterday!

So the basic tools?

Technology for sure, but a variety Adnroid, Apple, Windows…

Things are a bit more complicated today as the platforms of creation and distribution move from baby to child status.

For us in education it means we need a box full of everything there really is no one fits all.

For our students it means they need to learn to share and learn with a little discomfort and maybe envy of those with the most toys.


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