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The power of surprise.

Posted on | September 8, 2012 | No Comments

The surprise I am talking about is not that one you get when you jump out and make a person scream in shock.

What I am talking about is the ability to exceed expectation, make a person’s jaw drop, invite a wow statement.

When you surprise a person by delivering beyond their expectation you can and will win.

Win what?

Attention, respect, the ability to upset the status quo.

On Nightline I had the opportunity to interview Assaad Lakkis and this was the greatest surprise of the week.

Passion, clarity, focus and thoughtful are all words to describe Assaad’s approach to his art and maybe his way of life.

After 45 minutes I knew we were talking music but we could have as easily been talking art, architecture or journalism.

Here is the entire podcast, it is one of those rare moments when you get it and can see how and why this might be a path anyone might follow.

What I have also done here is pull out 2 very particular clips where Assaad talks about his music.

These clips, while part of the larger conversation, stand alone just as easily as part of the whole.

And I love this piece from the 3rd Abstrakt Collision Album and it has not been released yet, just a funk jam.

So the question is simple, if you had to talk about your job, your passion, what would you say?


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