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What will print media look like in 10 years?

Posted on | February 26, 2012 | No Comments

If I knew what the state of the print media would be in 10 years I would be a millionaire.

But what we all know is the rate of change in skills needed to do anything is rapidly outpacing our imagination.

Success in media is not just about what you know but how you can apply your traditional skills to new contexts.

Print to digital to mobile to outdoor to indoor to vanity to sidewalk to micro-personal presentations.

A recent article in Editor & Publisher suggested that the future of the media depends on people being nimble.

2020 will bring the opportunity to distribute your content farther than ever before on a range of available platforms. Your content must be distributed to every platform available — online, smartphones, tablets, mobile Web, social media, email, and new mediums we haven’t heard of yet. But, and this is a big but, do not make the mistake of sending all of your content to all of these platforms all of the time.

All the time multi-presentations will require us, more than ever, to be able to think of how to marry design and editorial issues in personal and innovative ways.

The question I return to again is are we education for the future or the past?


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