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A very cool TEDx

Posted on | January 13, 2012 | No Comments

There are a lot of TEDx events taking place these days, things have sure come a long way from 2009 when Giorgio Ungania and myself organized the 1st TEDxDubai.

Big, small, local, regional, ethnic, artistic the question that people are asking is what makes a great TEDx?

Unlike many things size does matter.

It is my personal belief that many TEDx organizers have become blinded by size and want to scale their events.

TEDx is all about engagement of a community and from where I am sitting the closer you can get to the community and actually get them involved in the process of communication, 2 way not mass or one way, the better.

The other challenge that TEDx organizers face is who to engage as speakers.

Again TEDx is all about community and too many organizers spend too much time trying to be TED.

Tap the community and the magic happens.

This TEDx event is one of those events that has wrestled with its identity and I think it has found the mix of size, content and community that makes it very relevant.

My own foray into TEDx events has taken me to Salons that are small, almost impromptu and in very public places.

Instead of people coming to TEDx the event comes to them, interesting idea and it seems to work.

The beauty of TEDx, from where I am sitting, is the ability it has to engage a community.

And the best thing about a TEDx event is there are many examples but as many variations as you can dream up.



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