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TEDx Global Music Project

Posted on | August 15, 2011 | No Comments

TED is cool.

TEDx is cool.

And a few TEDsters got together and asked what happens to the original music that comes out of TEDx events?

Of course that indie music just went up into the ether.

Well now there is the TEDx Global Music Project.

I love this project because it is all about change, sharing, inspiring and making a difference with the tools at hand.

One of my favorite categories is unique instruments.

Check this group out.

Quixotic is an ensemble of visual, musical and performing artists collaborating to produce new forms of artistic expression. This inventive group goes beyond the limits of any specific art form to create a total sensory experience for its audience. Quixotic makes performance art interactive and eliminates the barrier between performer and audience.

Fusing movement, sound and technology, Quixotic harnesses light, rhythm and expressive emotion. As the intensity of the world grows, so does the need for presenting passion and beauty in multi-layered forms from which all can receive. The goal is to penetrate the audience — filling their “Quiet” with emotive visual and sonic nourishment.

Performance at TEDxKC.



What is your idea?

Make it happen.



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