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CSR and another possibility for empowerment.

Posted on | July 25, 2011 | No Comments

Have you heard of the Motorola Empowerment Grants?

Empowerment Grants

Motorola Mobility believes that people can achieve great things through access to the things that matter to each other and the world around them. We empower people to live their lives in a connected and meaningful way, and we are pleased to announce the launch of the Empowerment Grants program to empower communities across the country through technology.

The Motorola Mobility Foundation Empowerment Grants address three areas of focus – education, health and wellness and community and are an opportunity for U.S.-based non-profit organizations to apply for funding to empower their communities.


Successful applications must demonstrate the ways that digital technology can be used to further a non-profit organization’s mission. Examples include:

  • Education – Building the classroom of the 21st century through incorporating technology
  • Health and Wellness – Driving solutions around the issues of healthy behavior through the use of technology
  • Community – Fostering innovation and creative solutions to community-based issues, including environmental issues, with technology tools

You know what this is pretty cool.

The website is basic, but it works, the ideas are huge.

Education, Health and Community are the 3 areas of concern and it is about working with tech to make change.

I love the basic but effective video on the main page.

So here in Dubai how many CSR opportunities are based in this type of idea? Empowerment?

Time to see more of this happening locally, regionally and globally.


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