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Are We Ready to Re-imagine Journalism?

Posted on | July 11, 2011 | No Comments

Are we ready to re-imagine journalism and do we want to?

Or should the question be do journalism schools want to re-imagine what they are teaching, why and how?

The journalism of yesterday and the journalism of today are rather different!

Sure the physical act is the same, sort of, but the environment is changing if not changed.

It is no longer acceptable, as far as I am concerned, for one time journalists to parachute into journalism schools and teach based on what was.

Today we need our journalism professors to not only teach but to engage in the industry they are part of.

The big change as far as journalism is concerned today is the push to hyper local publications that may not even be traditionally published.

Going hyper local is a trip for the old school journalist who worked all his or her life to get to the big publication or go national.

But there are a lot of people talking re-imagining journalism.

There are academic strategies.

There are people talking.

There are new journalism students ready to act.

So how do we start?

The five key strategies for re-inventing local journalism include:

  1. For-profit media organizations must re-invent themselves to extend the role and values of journalism in interactive ways.
  2. Not-for-profit and non-traditional m
  3. Media must be important sources of local journalism.
  4. Higher education, community and non-profit institutions can be hubs of journalistic activity and other information-sharing for local communities.
  5. Greater urgency must be placed on relevance, research and revenues to support local journalism.
  6. Government at all levels should support policies that create an environment for sustainable, quality local journalism.

Local, interactive and collaborative are 3 words that need to be put on every surface the NEW breed of journalist will look at.

So where do we start?

We need to start thinking more about the users/consumers of the information and not the industry.

And a good tool to begin the conversation that needs to take place is the Re-Imagine report.

Re-Imagining Journalism: Local News for a Networked World

A White Paper on Recommendations 1 and 3 of the Knight Commission on the Information Needs of Communities in a Democracy

Download PDFView on Scribd |


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