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Teens and Media

Posted on | July 4, 2011 | No Comments

How switched on to teens and media are you?

Nielsen has done a little study that is well worth a look.

But what is rather interesting is that for all the hype that teens are in a very different media environment than adults today, they seem to be rather grounded according to this report.

Here are the hard facts.

  • Teens are NOT abandoning TV for new media: In fact, they watch more TV than ever, up 6% over the past five years in the U.S.
  • Teens love the Internet…but spend far less time browsing than adults: Teens spend 11 hours and 32 minutes per month online-far below the average of 29 hours and 15 minutes
  • Teens watch less online video than most adults, but the ads are highly engaging to them: Teens spend 35% less time watching online video than adults 25-34, but recall ads better when watching TV shows online than they do on television
  • Teens read newspapers, listen to the radio and even like advertising more than most: Teens who recall TV ads are 44% more likely to say they liked the ad
  • Teens play video games, but are as excited about play-along music games and car-racing games as they are about violent ones: Just two of their top five most-anticipated games since 2005 are rated “Mature.”
  • Teens’ favorite TV shows, top websites and genre preferences across media are mostly the same as those of their parents: For U.S. teens, American Idol was the top show in 2008, Google the top website and general dramas are a preferred TV genre for teens around the world.

There is a lot of research to be done and as we move forward in our mediated environment.

So, the question is how will our mediated environment develop and given what we know how can we weave it into our lives better?

Do we want to weave the media into our lives better?

Do we have a choice?


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