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The Grass is Greener!

Posted on | June 20, 2011 | No Comments

I have a serious case of envy.

And my plan is to fix my own, distracted time-management skills, to eliminate the envy I am feeling.

I am envious of Wilma (named changed for anonymity) because she has managed to, very purposefully, focus all of her time on her immediate tasks at hand.

Every conversation, every interaction, every distraction is 100% on task.

OK maybe it is 95%.

Me on the other hand has been at wits end for the last 6 weeks!

I have had my classes, the radio, student affairs, hiring committee, student media committee, assessment committee, projects…. and the list goes on.

And then there is a stream of daily interruptions.

I have a bunch of similar yet dissimilar things going on that, unlike Wilma, are not linked and thus demand separate thought space to work through.

The reality is I do not have enough thought space in a day for all I am doing.

And if I am interrupted, well, nothing seems to get done.

Wilma on the other hand has managed to link the day to share thought time effectively!

The lesson here?

1. manage interruption ( Wilma uses it to brainstorm and forward seed ideas)

2. determine, early, what is and is not important to your larger agenda (some things really don’t matter and they just get you worked up)

3. create and enforce thought space boundaries (Just tell people to get out of your space)

4. say NO (this is a must)

5. get a role model like Wilma and constantly measure your success at carving out your time for your success


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