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The power of education!

Posted on | June 14, 2011 | No Comments

How much though are you giving to what is actually being taught to your children?

If you don’t have children are you at all concerned about those kids you see on the bus or run into in the mall?

Who is deciding what will and will not be taught as well as how it will be taught?

What makes me scratch my head is the simple fact that local expertise is often if not always excluded from the grand curriculum project.

Why? Do local experts not exist?

Rethinking schools brought up a great US case that makes me wonder about Dubai.

What happens when educational material providers team up with interest groups?

Do they?

In the US they are and why wouldn’t they everywhere else?

These days, among other enterprises, Scholastic produces propaganda for the coal industry and passes it off as curriculum. Scholastic has partnered with the American Coal Foundation (ACF, www.teachcoal.org), the nonprofit arm of the coal industry, to publish a slick, full-color packet of elementary teaching materials designed to paste a smiley face on the dirtiest form of energy in the world.

Sure there is more to this story you need to read the whole article.

But, all the same, I am curious why we parents and the engaged public are not more interested in what is and is not being taught in the classroom!


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