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TEDxAbuDhabiU Continues

Posted on | June 12, 2011 | No Comments

TEDx events are a curious thing.

What I have come to learn, and love, is that once you start a TEDx event rolling it is very difficult to get out of the way and jump free of the momentum.

TEDxAbuDhabiU happened April 23, 2011 but it is far from over.

Sure the speakers, organizers and help have all moved on but the influence of the event lingers.

The challenge of a TEDx is how to keep the event centered around the community and at the same time have a global impact.

Part of the impact challenge is the social media side of things and the traditional media side of things.

Almost every TEDx event tries to record the event on video and get it up on YouTube for the TED community to poke at.

TEDxAbuDhabiU was no exception we had a great group of student videographers from TwoFour54 in Abu Dhabi join us and capture the event on film.

Of course with all technological enterprises there have been some hick-ups and we are still waiting on the video.

It was great that Magnus Nystedt ran a set of bootleg recordings and those have been circulating on the internet as a way of getting the word out there.

No these recordings off a flip camera are not the best but they are a record.

It was watching these recordings that got me thinking about a podcast version of TEDxAbuDhabiU.

While the official video is still in process there was and is nothing but time stopping me from getting the official audio of TEDxAbuDhabiU out.

What I am always surprised about is how neglected audio is these days.

We all still listen to Mp3 recordings, radio and podcasts.

You may get in the car and watch a dvd, but more likely you turn on the radio.

So why are there not more TEDx events promoting their content via easy to download mp3 files?

In my case I use audacity to edit the audio and podomatic to serve it up.

The end result is TEDxAbudhabiu the podcast edition.



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