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News 2.0?

Posted on | May 25, 2011 | No Comments

How do we attract more eyes to the news?

If there was a simple answer journalism schools world-wide would be churning out new grads to rise to the challenge.

The problem is there is no clear road ahead and journalism schools are struggling to attract new students.

Journalism professors are quick to utter the word convergent when they talk about the future of journalism, but I am not sure anyone really understands what convergence is.

In fact the old-school thinking on convergence, which saw its rise during the dawn of the web-page was anything but convergence.

Today what we think of as convergence is really divergence with content being pulled together and contextualized from a variety of places that might be linked but not housed on a single site.

Today’s convergence is really about contextualizing links, audio, visual and social content and I think you will be hard-pressed to find anyone teaching this in a pure new media formatted manner.

Instead what we see is the square peg of convergent journalism being rammed into the round hole of old-school journalism.

What if we take the future of media down the infotainment route?

Jimmy Lai may be on to something when we talk about bringing new life to the media and the ideas of convergence.

What about re-enactments of the news, the stories we read about, using animation and graphics?


This is convergence at its best as we bring multiple forms of storytelling together, not to mention the convergence of information and entertainment!

I love the way Lai talks about what he is doing.

I started the animations because print media was going into a sunset business environment. It’s obvious that we have arrived at an era of images. I thought that if I could speed up the production of animation, I could make a big business out of recreating the amazing images of the news, because what we get on TV is always the last bit of image.

If we have our traditional journalism and this brand of journalism side by side I wonder which would get the most attention? No contest really.

The better question is whether NEWS-animation is a way to attract a new generation of information consumers and breath new life into an industry that many might see as stagnating in a large part because of attention grabbing technology that is only on the rise.



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