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TEDActive DAY 1

Posted on | February 28, 2011 | No Comments

It was day 1 at TEDActive and TEDx organizers gathered to hash out what is happening with the plethora of TEDx events.

What became clear was that for TEDx events to really work some form of collaboration with organizers in country or region is necessary.

The question is how to connect?

I love the quote of the morning, “entrepreneurs save the world to change the world.”

Idea from TEDxSeoul

-Korea has undergone an amazing change from a population concerned with the rice bowl to a youth that is dynamic and optimistic.


The key to a great TEDx event is going regional and collaborating.


“Save the Cat” is a must read book when it comes to putting together a great show.


A great event builds on LOYALTY equity.

You have one goal when creating an event, excellence.


I loved the quote here about getting speakers to rehearsals,”getting speakers to a session is like nailing jello to a tree.”


TEDx events can have adventures to lead people into the events! Think trips and the like to get ideas out before your event.


Learning to delegate is a huge challenge to many.

The book ‘The Starfish and the Spider’ is a great read to refocus.


A great organization tool that is behind www.tedxlondon.com is www.exudo.com.


Doing a TEDx is like doing a hobby job it takes up all your time for no pay!


The best title for an educator this afternoon was the LEARNING ACTIVIST!

And a great thing is coming from TED is TEDed!



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