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TEDActive Starting…

Posted on | February 28, 2011 | No Comments

Sunday at 8am the fun begins with the TEDx workshop.

We pick up the conference bag in the morning but were teased with our badges and facebooks today.

The badges are huge, the sponsor book a pocket guide and the facebook is fantastic!

As I worked my way through immigration at LAX the immigration officer asked where I was going.

He had never heard of TED!

In 30 seconds I gave him the 411 and he said he would look.

The problem with conferences, according to the LAX immigration officer, is that they are all talk.

And what are we doing at Active this year? The projects which take the talk from TED and create an application scenario.

I am involved with the education project.

The charge is simple.

The Education Project will explore ways kids can take part in reshaping our education system.

We will see where this goes.

More to come…



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