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OLD School For My Ted Sharing.

Posted on | February 27, 2011 | No Comments

TED is all about sharing ideas and I am all for that.

But the TED experience is an odd thing because it is more than just listening to people tell a great story.

The TED experience is also about grabbing onto the subtle nuance that happens in the space between the obvious.

The problem with nuance is it is easily missed just like the chuckle let out at the people in the back of an image which is easily overlooked unless you are totally, 100% engaged in the moment.

And that is why when it comes to sharing my experience at TEDActive it is not about immediacy.

I know we are all touched by email, facebook, twitter, blogs that all leverage immediate communication and sharing.

BUT THERE IS A PRICE for immediacy.

Immediacy forces you to not engage 100% and immerse in the immediate environment.

Instead technology forces you to rest in the periphery as the tools of immediacy take over.

Sure there are those that disagree and that is why TED conferences create a blogging/tweeting/tech engagement zone in the back of the room.

Why the back? The tools of technological engagement are distracting.

What I do is take notes and at the end of the day write up my immediate reactions.

But that is not the end.

Once TED is over I then go back to my notes and add the context and texture that only comes from engaging 100% in the experience over the week.

Call it old school but there is something about taking notes that just feels good.

And then there is the fact that you can go back to those notes years later in an easy convenient manner!

For instance I dug into my TED bag and what did I come up with? My TED2009 notes, how many people do that with their electronic collections of ideas?


Yes I will use my computer at TED.

Yes I will use my iPhone for audio and video at TED.

Yes I will update my blog and podcast while I am at TED but not during the day, only at night after an initial reflection.

There is something refreshing about giving 100% of your attention to something and not letting technology pressure you into disengagement.



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