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TED=Poetry in Motion

Posted on | February 26, 2011 | No Comments

I am a TEDster, a TED aficionado, an idea spreader.

Many people ask me what it is about TED that has grabbed my imagination to the point that it may have even become a game changer for me.

For me TED is ideas.

As an academic I live in the realm of ideas so that answer alone is inadequate.

TED is an environment that gives you and I permission and in fact pushes you to not only think about the ideas presented BUT do something with them.

But TED, TEDsters and those ever present TED Talks never tell you how or what has to be done.

What I love about TED is it seeds things and connects people to those seeds.

How many people watch TEDTalks? You have an instant connection!

And how many people see a talk and then take a seed and activate it? Not as many people but it is growing.

The TEDx phenomenon was part of that.

So how do you visualize this idea?

Well, this video of the classic Thomas Dolby song does the trick.


TED is about not just looking at ideas but getting into those ideas in your own personal way.

New, old, different perspectives ideas can take hold and over time develop just like ‘She Blinded me with Science” from the 80s.

TED is the way the musicians are playing every note for themselves because, well just because it feels right.

TED gives me permission to dream and then go on a wild adventure to make that dream come true.

Crazy? It’s TED.



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