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Who did what?

Posted on | February 21, 2011 | No Comments

One of the greatest problem faced by any organization, unless it is a solo operation, is understanding the value of what people do.

Too often we all play the ‘I did/You did’ game which is wholly destructive to any organization.

And add to the above, ‘what I did is more valuable than what you did.’

At the heart of the matter is how we value what we do.

Who decides value and how is it decided?

Too often the value of input to an organization is decided after the fact, in retrospect, with little to no thought given to what a person has done and what it would take/cost you to do it .

How do we value thinking and how do we value application?

One is visible and one is not.

Or maybe it comes down to communication of expectations?

This is a huge issue and one that is too often not spoken about.

What makes an organization successful is its ability to harness and apply the abilities of all those within it.

TEAMWORK and we are really not that good at it until we are comfortable and confident in our own ability.

And herein rests the problem with most organizations, they do not work well as a team.

TEDx events both locally, think TEDxDubai, and globally have become shining examples of how organizations can harness the power of a team and what teamwork really is.

TEDx events work because the very TEDx idea is premised on teamwork to a common goal, spreading ideas.

But how do you know a team is working?

1. Each member must be 100% committed to their role.

2. Collaboration not competition.

3. Common shared goals are a must.

4. Open communication.

5. Clear expectations.

*** 4 & 5 become a loop in effect  as these 2 items need to be constantly revisited.

TEDxAustin is a great example of what I am talking about in the 5 points above.

Look at how the team has defined itself and the tasks each member will follow through on.

Nancy Giordano | Licensee + Chief Inspiration and Ideas Wrangler | Play Big, Inc

Jen Spencer | Co-Curator + Connection and Sponsorship Maven | Jen Spencer Coaches

Stacy Weitzner | Co-Curator + Vibe and Voice of TEDxAustin | Bold Muse Creative

Mary Baird-Wilcock | Event Planning + Organizational Superstar | The Simplifiers

Lionel Felix | Tech Wrangler + Possibility Creator | Enfatico

Romy Suskin | Most Excellent Experience Designer + XLab Curator | Creative Content

Shannon Mehner | Systems Specialist + Speaker Liaison | Consultant

Kelley Burrus | Event Shimmer + Shine Specialist | Clink Events

Jerry Giordano | XLab Ideation + Ted-of-All-Trades | writer.strategic envoy

Jennifer Loveland | Application + Data Dynamo | Dell

We have so much gratitude for these folks, and each and every service they flawlessly render!

Lindsey Gregory Tyner | Alt Creative

Jennifer Elsner | Viewers Like You

The Margaret Keys Team | Margaret Keys Communication Strategies

Nancy, Jen and Stacy are at the top of the list but consider what they are doing.

Chief Inspiration and Ideas Wrangler,  Co-Curator + Connection and Sponsorship Maven,  Co-Curator + Vibe and Voice of TEDxAustin.

It is not about who is doing what it is about doing what you do, beyond expectation, to mesh with what others are doing, beyond expectation, to create a magic moment!

So, how do you know a team is working?

For starters the product is WOW.

Second keep it simple and focused so each team member can see the end.

Teams in the end are about people doing their thing to WOW proportions.


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