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Posted on | February 19, 2011 | No Comments

I have said it once and will say it again, there is a lot to be learned in the classroom from reading FastCompany.

The recent little bomb I read was from the daily online teaser.

$100K of Free Branding Advice, in Just Three Words.

Unify, Simplify, Amplify are the three ideas tossed out by Ken Carbone.

1. know who you are and believe it.

2. make the message you send clear and compelling.

3. get your identity to the world.

I think, I know, that the greatest stumbling block we face when branding what we do isĀ believingĀ in ourselves.

Possibly we start of fooling ourselves, maybe others pollute our thinking, but you have to believe in you if you want others to.

So, in the classroom are we setting our students up to fail by not believing we are delivering the best education possible?

Can you teach branding and marketing without being what you are teaching, no matter the subject?

The answer is NO!

Whether it is education or car repair if those 3 words are not put into action success is sure to never really happen.

We are in control we just have to believe it.


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