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Basis of New Ideas…

Posted on | January 29, 2011 | No Comments

John Kolko, author of the new book, Exposing the Magic of Design, has been writing in FastCompany and I think hit on an issues that is not just important to the design world but organizational change in general.

In communication, well journalism, we are constantly teaching and being told to think about objectivity!

Good advice if you are a journalist but bad advice if you are looking at your organization and trying to manufacture change.

We need to literally wear 2 hats in almost everything we do today, the objective do and be good hat but also have the me or subjective hat ready to put on.

As Kolko makes a good point about a skill that I think we spend too little time working at perfecting, sense-making.

Sensemaking is about the interplay of action and interpretation rather than the influence of evaluation on choice.” Cognitive psychologist Robert Hoffman describes sensemaking as “… something different from creativity, comprehension, curiosity, mental modeling, explanation, or situational awareness… sensemaking is a motivated, continuous effort to understand connections (which can be among people, places, and events) in order to anticipate their trajectories and act effectively.”

Hopefully as we move towards change we are able to make some synthesis of ideas, I think we fail at this becasue we are being trained to be objective in every aspect of our lives.

But maybe we have gotten the whole art of synthesis wrong?

As Kolko points out, “synthesis requires highly eclectic designers empowered to embrace their biases”, yet we discourage this way of thinking.

Maybe we need to stop, look, think, reflect and do the opposite of what we think is the right thing to do when it comes to organizational change.


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